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Welcome to the home of expert tuition

Looking to excel in A level PE, GCSE PE, BTEC Sport, or Business Studies? Let's work together to achieve your goals and take your academic skills to the next level! With my expertise and your dedication, we can make it.

Grade changer 

Are you struggling to achieve the exam results you need despite putting in long hours of study?


Our method is designed to support students in reaching their academic goals without the stress and anxiety that often accompanies exam preparation.


Our approach is focused on empowering students to study effectively and efficiently, avoiding the common pitfalls that can lead to wasted time and effort. 

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About me

My name is Jo, I am an experienced teacher working in secondary/6th form schools for 18 years, including 5 years for Manchester City Football Club Academy. Rated outstanding by Ofsted, I have a passion for helping students reach their goals.

I have consistent track record of significantly improving students' results, I have supported many students to achieve a 100% pass rate, with most students acquiring top grades. Additionally, my experience as an examiner for both AQA and Edexcel has given me an in-depth understanding of exam content and common misconceptions, allowing me to meet the needs of all learners. 

Having worked with pupils of all abilities I am able to meet the needs of all learners. I have a consistent track record of significantly improving students results and instilling confidence.

Theory content, simplified with a training plan

Welcome to our bespoke revision plans! We offer fully tailored revision plans that are updated regularly to fit your goals, lifestyle, time, and ability. Our personalized programming includes check-ins outside of lessons, progress monitoring, and access to resources. We'll teach you how to incorporate revision into your life without having to sacrifice your daily routine. Achieve your desired results with our plans!

How we work

In our sessions we will take a multifaceted approach. We will develop subject knowledge plays a huge part in passing exams. We will then work on developing the tools to utilise this knowledge to the students advantage when tackling exam questions. This will include, revision planning, exam techniques, planning long answer questions, understanding command words. I will teach them to work ‘smarter’ so not to burn out and maximise quality revision. This preparation will ensure they reach their exams feeling calm and confident and reduce anxiety, giving them the best chance of success.  


I take a holistic approach to my tutoring, I listen to my students and find out what their preferred learning styles are. This allows me to personally plan for them to maximise their sessions. I find out what their goals are so we can work towards them, not only to increase their chances of success but to keep them motivated.


Application of knowledge is often the area where students struggle. I like to find out what their interests are as tailoring examples to their own experiences will stimulate their learning, continuously showing them current and real-life examples will enable them to develop this skill for themselves and deepen their understanding.

I understand the difficulties students face when studying examination PE courses. I work on the ‘whole’ student, by boosting self-esteem, confidence and remove doubt and overwhelm which can block their progress.

Our Services


From the beginning the communication has been excellent. Jo is able to fit in around my daughters work schedule. The improvement in my daughters school work has even been noticed by her PE teachers. Her grades have vastly improved. She was struggling and getting upset, if your child is the same do not hesitate in getting a tutor. I can not recommend Jo enough, whatever she does she is getting through to my daughter and we can now see the rewards.


Joanne was a professional and knowledgable tutor. Who ended up assisting with both physical education and business A Level.
Managing to get the best out of my daughter in the time they had together. She went into the exams more confident and less stressed than previously. Joanne had a flexible approach making planning time slots easy with a young adult with a busy schedule.
I do not hesitate in recommending her.​


Joanne has been a brilliant support tutor for Toby. She has spent a long time dedicated to filling in the gaps in Toby’s A level Sports Science. He has had intense one to one tutoring with her and quite frankly has probably increased Toby’s grade potential by 2 grades. I would not hesitate to recommend her .

Proven success...


Achieved a C grade in his first exam, after 3 months of tuition, Toby achieved an A* in his resit.


Pierce was B/C borderline but had high aspirations to get into Loughborough. Pierce went on to achieve an A grade and secure his place at a top university.


Jess was struggling in both PE and Business, working at an E grade. Jess achieved a B in PE and C in Business after working together.


Sala had missed a lot of school in Year 12 and needed support filling the gaps. Sala achieved a B grade.


Kelsey was struggling to balance her studies alongside athletics. Kelsey was working at a C grade but went on to achieve an A grade.


Tom particularly struggled with anatomy and physiology and exam technique. Tom went on to achieve an A grade.

Money back guarantee

I want to remove any risk you have involved with hiring a tutor, so if you jump on board to work with me, follow the plan, and don't make any progress after 90 days: I will give you all your money back!




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